Peak Wellness

Do you wake up with strong energy, feeling excited about the day ahead?

Do you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed?

Are you able to digest your food and move your bowels with no issues?

Do you have a healthy sex drive?

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, you will benefit from a peak wellness consultation. 

An initial consultation is 90 minutes, and we examine all the areas above and more.   We use a combination of homeopathy, herbalism, food and habits to create a way forward that brings lasting success. 

We’ll talk about your body type, and pinpoint simple ways you can eat more effectively for your unique body.  

You’ll have a recommendation for a homeopathic remedy, and if I have it in stock, you’ll take it while you’re here. 

We’ll uncover negative habits and thought patterns and ways to change them. We’ll look for unresolved emotions that might be contributing to your current challenges. 

You’ll have recommendations on herbs that can help your body to move towards Peak Wellness.  As each persons’ recommendations will be different, herbs are additional. 

These consultations can be done via Zoom or in person at my office in Davie, Florida. 

$125 for initial consultation= 90 minutes. 

$75 for follow ups, 30 to 45 minutes.