Homesteading 101

June 9th and 10th: 12-6 pm  (12 total hours)

4786 SW 72nd Ave Davie Fl 33314 954-661-3396


Soil building:
-lasagna bed building
-manures (including green manures)
-cultivating a mycorrhizal network
-creating and maintaining a soil web
-cover crops
-regenerative practices
-natural fertilizers

-catchment and irrigation

Choosing plants/trees:
-knowing your space
-knowing your needs/desires
-harvest time
-companion planting

-basic trimming
-insect management
-preventative medicine for plants



Alternative Growing Methods overview:
-hydroponics vs aquaponics
-vertical gardening
-raised beds
-tower gardens

Basic garden herbs for wellness:
-choosing your herbs
-growing conditions
-basic teas and tinctures

Harvesting and seed saving:
-when to harvest
– ripe vs green
-marking plants to seed save
-when to gather seeds
-how to store seeds

Early bird registry before May 20th: $190 

After May 20th: $225th